RAGBRAI to Distribute Over 20-Thousand Dollars to Storm Lake Nonprofits

The Storm Lake RAGBRAI committee has developed a funding formula in an effort to distribute its 22-thousand dollars in RAGBRAI-donated dollars to area nonprofits.

The Storm Lake committee recently introduced two volunteer-driven fundraising opportunities for local nonprofits and businesses’ local nonprofits of choice. Local nonprofits that volunteer for the local events on July 22nd and 23rd will receive funding based on their hours contributed during RAGBRAI’s first overnight stop of the week-long journey across the state.

Nonprofits who provide 60 or more volunteer hours will receive one-thousand dollars…30 and 59 hours will get 500 dollars…20 to 29 volunteer hours will get 325 dollars…and nonprofits who provide ten to 19 volunteer hours will earn 160 dollars.

The funding formula also applies to businesses that select a Storm Lake nonprofit through the “RAGBRAI Gives Back” program. By signing up employees to volunteer, businesses may select a local nonprofit to receive funding based on the number of hours that are volunteered. Nonprofits who serve as food vendors will receive 300 dollars in addition to their own sales following the event. All organizations must complete a registration form prior to the event and turn in documentation of hours worked following July 23rd.

Local nonprofits interested in raising funds through volunteering, and businesses looking to get involved in “RAGBRAI Gives Back” can sign up by sending an email to ragbraistormlake@gmail.com.