Property Reappraisal in Buena Vista County

Buena Vista County Assessor Joe Cronin is announcing the reappraisal of all properties in Buena Vista County. The Buena Vista County Conference Board approved a contract to complete this work with Vanguard Appraisals of Cedar Rapids. The project will determine values for the January 1st, 2026 assessment year. The last door-to-door appraisal in Buena Vista County was done for the January 1st of 2009 Residential values and January 1st of 2011 Commercial values. The Iowa Department of Revenue recommends having a complete re-evaluation every 10 years. The goal of the project is to fairly value each property in relation to all other properties within each classification, adjusted to current market conditions. On February 26th, data collectors from Vanguard Appraisals Inc. will begin the process of visiting each property in Buena Vista County to collect both exterior and interior information. If an owner is not present, an external review will be done and a door hanger will be left after the second visit, letting you know how you can assist with listing the interior of your property. If you have questions or concerns regarding the reappraisal project, contact the Buena Vista County Assessor’s Office.


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