Program For Farmers Lowers The Risk of Reducing Nitrogen Application

Practical Farmers of Iowa is encouraging farmers to find just the right amount of nitrogen they need for their crops, while avoiding applying too much, which the group says is common.

P-F-I’s Chelsea Ferrie says thanks to federal grants and private funding, the group will pay farmers up to 35-dollars for every acre that has a lower-than-normal yield if they didn’t apply enough nitrogen…

The application period for the program is open through the end of April.

To help them reach the right nitrogen balance, Ferrie says P-F-I will help farmers on the front end of the process, too, so they aren’t left guessing how much to apply…

Farmers have relied on nitrogen-based fertilizers for generations, but when applied in excess, nitrates run off into ground and surface water, posing health concerns for animals and people.

(credit to Iowa News Service)


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