More Area Wildlife Spots Scheduled for DNR Prescribed Burns

The Iowa DNR will be conducting prescribed burns this spring on several northwest Iowa wildlife areas.

Areas scheduled for burns include the Leo Grau Wildlife Area in Buena Vista County…Black Hawk Marsh Complex, Burrows Pond Complex, Tomahawk Marsh, Whitehorse Complex, and Kiowa Marsh Complex in Sac County…Leo Shimon Marsh, Sunken Grove Complex, Lizard Lake, and the Stoddard Wildlife Management Area in Pocahontas County…as well as South Twin Lake and Towhead Lake in Calhoun County.

Prescribed burns are used to improve wildlife habitat, control invasive plant species, restore and maintain native plant communities, and reduce wildfire potential and vary in size from a few acres to several hundred acres. Areas are typically burned every one to five years. Prescribed burns typically begin mid to late morning and are completed by late afternoon or early evening between late March and early May.


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