Hearing Held In Lawsuit Between Trailer Court Owner and City Of Spencer

No ruling was made Tuesday following a hearing in Clay County District Court over a lawsuit between the city of Spencer and the owner of a trailer court on West 18th Street in Spencer.

The city cut off power to the trailer court several weeks ago citing code deficiencies with wiring, saying the trailer court’s owner failed to meet a deadline to make the needed repairs.

Margaret George, a resident of the trailer court, testified Tuesday that to her knowledge, 29 people are still living at the site, relying on generators supplied by churches.

Anna Harmon, the city’s electrical inspector, stated that she inspected the site July 11th and found conditions to be worse than first thought. She added it’s up to the owner of the trailer court to prove the wiring is safe.

Judge Shayne Mayer, who heard the case, urged the city and the trailer court’s owner, Bill Caskey, to try to work out some sort of agreement.

(courtesy KUOO in Spirit Lake)