Alta-Aurelia Girls Golf Results in Sioux Rapids

Check out the Girls Golf Scores between Alta-Aurelia and Sioux Central

Team scores

AA – 201

SC – 214

Other AA individual results

  • Maggie Bloom-50
  • Chloe Elston- 50
  • Addy Fritz-55
  • Shea Peterson-56
  • Eva Kaskey-59

Other SC individual scores

  • Hallie Laursen-51
  • Madison Thomsen-64
  • Natalie Laursen-63
  • JoAnna Menchaca-60
  • Hannah Friedrich-64

AA is 5-0 in the conference and 201 is a team PR

SC Kendra Casey was themedalistis a 40 and AA Avery Westphal was runner-up with a 46


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