Storm Lake Docks Questions and Answers

Docks get plenty of attention in a lakefront community like Storm Lake.

Often, there are questions about use and permits. Some helpful information is shared below:

Q. Does the City provide docks?

A. Yes. In addition to the area around King’s Pointe Resort, the City of Storm Lake provides and maintains docks for public use along the park land on the north shoreline of the lake. There are approximately 14 locations of docks accessible to the public. The newest dock complex is located directly south of the Awaysis Beach lighthouse.

Q. What about private docks?

A. The City also permits the installation and use of private docks along public park land on the north shoreline of the lake (within the corporate limits of the City of Storm Lake). The dock site locations are marked with a small red sign which has the dock site number on it. In total there are about 51 sites that are along the public park land.

Q. Can the public use private docks?

A. While the docks on these sites are privately maintained, per Department of Natural Resources rules they are all open for public use. Please treat both public and private dock facilities with respect so they can continue to be provided.

Q. Can I still install a dock?

A. Currently, about 20 sites remain available for installation of private docks this season. Additionally, there are 17 sites with docks in use that could also be shared with a second party.

Q. When should I remove my dock?

A. All docks should be removed from public waters by December 15 and reinstalled in spring, unless that requirement is specifically waived by a condition of the dock permit. Dock sections cannot be stored in parks or on public land during the off season.

Q. What fees and permits are required to put in a dock?

A. The fee for a dock permit is $25 and each hoist is $10. Dock permit fees are paid annually in March and April and are payable prior to the installation of new docks and/or hoists.

Q. How do I apply for a permit?

A. Applicationsare available at the City Clerk’s office which is located on the first floor of City Hall at 620 Erie Street in downtown Storm Lake, or online at under the forms tab. For further information on dock site availability andregulations, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at cityclerk@stormlake.orgor by phone at (712) 732-8000.



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