Storm Lake City Council Increases Number of Individuals That Can be Covered in Family Water Park Season Pass

By a 3-1 vote, the Storm Lake City Council today (Mon) approved changing the maximum number of individuals that could be covered in a family season pass to the King’s Pointe Water Park.

Previously up to five individuals per household were covered for a family season pass to the local water park. Now, up to six per household will be covered for the family pass which costs 275-dollars, with 55-dollars extra for each additional member. Ages four and under are free.

Council member Kevin McKinney proposed bumping the number to six…(audio clip below :16 )

Council members Maggie Martinez and Matt Ricklefs argued that all members of larger families should be included in a season pass…(audio clip below :14 )

Council member Maria Ramos felt it would be difficult to cover every possible scenario, and was fine with either five or six family members getting covered.

Ricklefs ended up voting in favor of including six members in the family season water park pass. McKinney and Ramos also voted in favor, while Martinez voted against it. Council member Tyson Rice was absent.

The issue was first brought before the council at their December 5th meeting after Ricklefs approached King’s Pointe general manager Amy Von Bank and questioned why everyone in larger families couldn’t be included in the family pass. The item was tabled so more information could be gathered.

Von Bank said other communities are also challenged as far as how to define family passes. She said several communities have either unlimited or single pass options, as well as a child care provider pass. Spencer and Fort Dodge also offer coverage to up to five members for a family water park pass. Von Bank said King’s Pointe wants to include as many family members as possible, and was open to whatever decision the council made.



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