Live Bird Exhibitions Cancellation Order Put in Place Due to Bird Flu is now Lifted

The Iowa Department of Agriculture today (Thur) announced that the recent cancellation of live bird exhibitions at fairs and other gatherings has been lifted.

The order was issued on November 10th due to bird flu, which also prohibited live birds from being sold or transferred at livestock auction markets, swap meets, and exotic sales. The order has been lifted because its been 30 days since the USDA and Plant Health Inspection Service has confirmed a new bird flu infection in the state. The last confirmed case of avian influenza in Iowa was announced on December 12th in a commercial turkey flock in Ida county. Commercial turkey flocks were also infected this past fall in Buena Vista, Cherokee, and Sac counties.

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig says commercial poultry producers and those with backyard birds should continue to be vigilant with their bio-security, as bird flu still poses a serious ongoing risk.