Storm Lake St. Mary’s PTP Donates to Music Room Project

The Storm Lake St. Mary’s Parents and Teachers of Panthers organization has donated five-thousand dollars towards this year’s Fund-A-Cause project, which consists of renovating the school’s music room.

Parents and Teachers of Panthers, also known as PTP, is a group that’s committed to enhancing the environment and experience at St. Mary’s school. PTP members show their devotion to make St. Mary’s a great place for students to receive an education through family-friendly activities, volunteer support, special events, and fundraising. The goal is to raise 150-thousand dollars for the music room project, which will address a shortage of space and electrical outlets, provide new instruments, update the HVAC, and more. The project is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed in the fall.

A comment from St. Mary’s music instructor Gayle Strom can be heard below.

The St. Mary’s Ball and Charity Auction is set for this coming Saturday, March 11th in the Siebens Forum at Buena Vista University. Funds raised from the Ball and Auction will go toward the music room project, and toward the school in general. Donations can also be made at, or at the St. Mary’s Parish Office.