Storm Lake School Board Sets Public Hearing for Proposed 2023-2024 Budget ; Tax Levy to Stay The Same

A public hearing was set for the proposed 2023-2024 Storm Lake Community School District budget during a special school board meeting on Wednesday.

During a preliminary presentation, Business Manager Trudy Pederson said the district had a few goals during budget preparation…(audio clip below)

The total tax levy rate is set to remain at 17.17.

The Storm Lake district’s total budget requirement for 2023-2024 is 78.5-million dollars, which Pederson acknowledged is a high number, but said the number two years ago was slightly higher at about 79.5-million.

The budget hearing will take place at the school board’s upcoming regular meeting on Wednesday, April 19th at 5:30pm. Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole said the budget hearing must be held prior to May 1st, and the budget must be formally accepted by that date as well.