Storm Lake Man Involved in Incident Outside Casey’s Store and for Firing Gunshots Sentenced to Prison

A Storm Lake man accused of firing shots at someone in a moving vehicle and for being involved in an incident outside a local convenience store was sentenced earlier this week in Buena Vista County District Court to serve up to 15 years in prison.

20-year-old Tailor Khamtahn pleaded guilty to Intimidation With a Dangerous Weapon, a class C forcible felony…and Possession of a Firearm or Offense Weapon by a Felon, a class D felony. Khamtahn will serve up to ten years in prison for the class C felony and five years on the class D felony. The sentences will run consecutively with the Iowa Department of Corrections. In addition, Khamtahn’s parole will be revoked, and any penalty imposed will also run consecutively.

According to the Storm Lake Police Department, a male victim was in a parked vehicle outside the Casey’s store at 825 Flindt Drive on the afternoon of October 8th of last year when two other vehicles pulled into the parking lot and blocked the victim’s vehicle in the lot. Several individuals allegedly exited the two vehicles, forcefully entered the victim’s vehicle, and struck him multiple times with their fists. The victim accelerated his vehicle backward to escape. Khamtahn was later identified as one of the suspects. Three others were also charged in connection to the incident.

Upon speaking further with the victim, police were informed that in the early morning hours of August 26th of last year, Khamtanh chased the victim on foot and fired several rounds from a handgun at the victim’s vehicle as he was driving away in the 18-hundred block of East Milwaukee Avenue. The victim’s vehicle sustained bullet holes, and police recovered a slug inside the vehicle. Police further recovered nine-millimeter shell casings from the scene.