Crime Reports Were Up in Storm Lake Last Year

The City of Storm Lake had a 12 percent increase in crime reports last year, according to the annual report from the local police department.

In a message included in the report, Storm Lake Police Chief Chris Cole states that while the statistical crime uptick may raise concerns, he assures the public that Storm Lake remains a secure place for living, working, and raising a family. Cole says Storm Lake has dedicated officers who have proactively addressed these challenges and are prioritizing the security and well-being of the community.

Cole says the department, like many others, dealt with staffing shortages in 2023 and says they are taking proactive measures to address this by investing in staff training, elevating salaries, and enhancing benefits packages to attract qualified and dedicated individuals to the police force.

Cole says objectives this year also include expanding community policing partnerships, enhancing officer secondary language proficiency, fostering stronger community collaborations, and promoting cultural sensitivity and inclusivity.

The Storm Lake Police Department received 30,268 calls for service last year, down more than 27 hundred from 2022.

According to the annual Storm Lake Fire report, the department responded to 288 fire and rescue-related incidents in 2023, which was five less than the previous year. According to Fire Chief Glenn Schlesser, Storm Lake firefighters received approximately 1,705 hours of training last year.