St. Mary’s Students Perform Spring Concert

Storm Lake St. Mary’s music students performed their annual spring concert on Tuesday of this week.

The title of the show was “Listen To The Music.” Students performed a diverse repertoire that included classic songs from The Doobie Brothers, Michael Jackson, The Monkees, Kool & The Gang, Queen, Los Del Rio, Bobby Day, and more.

The show was under the direction of St. Mary’s music and band instructor Gayle Strom, who says she is grateful to be able to teach students music from different decades and genres.

(Middle School classes pictured above. Pictured below…first picture L to R – Dominic Pineda, Amy Gomez-Miramontes, and Thiago Gracia (all in 3rd grade)…second picture front row L to R– Lexie Pineda, Donovan Pineda, Quinn Armstrong, Zschecaihna Ihry

Back Row– Benson Foell, Parker Crum, Merritt Cook, and Penny Gracia (all in kindergarten)