Property Taxpayers Will Soon Receive School, County, City Budget Year Statement

County taxpayers in Iowa will soon be getting a statement in the mail that contains state-specified information related to proposed local government budgets and property tax rates.

According to a Buena Vista County news release, due to a recent law change, county auditors are required to mail the statements by today (March 20th). The information is for taxes payable in September 2024 and March of 2025. Residents should receive a statement if they expect to receive a property tax bill in September.

The statement is not a property tax bill. It includes data for proposed city, school district, and county budgets, but does not include proposed budgets for smaller taxing authorities such as a community college, assessor’s office, townships, and agricultural extension service.

The statement is meant to provide taxpayers with information about the proposed city, school district, and county budgets in time for the taxpayers to address the proposals at public hearings held before the budgets are approved. The statement includes the impact of the proposed city, school, and county property tax rates on both a 100 thousand-dollar residential property and 100 thousand-dollar commercial property. The actual impact of tax rates on a property could vary from examples in the statement, which doesn’t factor in possible assessed value changes. Taxpayers owning more than one property may receive multiple letters if those properties are in different tax districts.

Additional information is available here.


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