Fiber Optic Network Complete in Sioux Rapids ; Rural Connectivity Expansion Underway

Evertek has completed the installation of a fiber optic network in Sioux Rapids.

Unlimited and reliable fiber internet is now available throughout the community for residents and businesses. Construction is also underway to extend fiber connectivity to rural areas around Sioux Rapids. To ensure those in rural areas can benefit from the infrastructure, residents are asked to complete a permission to bury form at to allow no-cost fiber construction to property owners.

A news release from Evertek states that they are committed to making Sioux Rapids a digitally inclusive community, and they recognize the importance of equal access to reliable internet for all residents, regardless of their location. The news release also states that by granting permission for the fiber infrastructure construction, rural Sioux Rapids residents will not only gain access to fast and reliable internet, but also contribute to the overall progress and development of the region.