City of Storm Lake Urging Residents to Conserve Water

Storm Lake residents, as well those in neighboring communities, are being urged to conserve water due recent hot and dry conditions.

The City of Storm Lake is encouraging the water conservation for residents within City limits, as well as those that live in Lakeside, Lake Creek, Casino Beach, and Truesdale. Demand has been high recently on the Storm Lake water treatment system. Normal use is approximately 3.5-million gallons per day, but that has recently spiked to five-million gallons, which is the maximum capacity for the treatment plant.

Lawns, gardens, and commercial properties should not be watered between the hours of 8am and 8pm. When watering, residents should use a nozzle that will control flow to avoid wasting water.

Anyone who needs to use power washers on buildings or concrete should contact the City of Storm Lake at 732-8000 so a lower demand time can be scheduled.

Vehicle washing should not be done during high-demand daytime hours. If car washing is necessary, residents are asked to do it on a lawn.

Washing down driveways and refilling pools should be avoided if possible. If necessary, they should be done outside of the 8am to 8pm window.

Golf course fairways can be watered from 2 to 6am. Watering the golf course greens as needed is allowed.

If water use continues to spike, mandatory water restriction measures will be implemented.



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