Warriors Trap Shooting Results

Wednesday, April 24th the Alta-Aurelia Trap Team traveled to Palmer with the Humboldt Wildcat Trap Team as the host.

Teams in attendance; Humboldt Wildcat Trap Team, Pocahontas County Shooting Sports, Bishop Garrigan High School, Algona High School, GT-RA Bullseyes and Emmet County Clay Busters

High School (Varsity) results:

Abby Peterson – 3rd

Intermediate Advanced (Middle School) results:

Holton Falck – 1st  (reverse run tie breaker)

Cale Sievers – 3rd (reverse run tie breaker)

Kimber Bartholomew – 1st

Arianna Alvarado – 2nd  (reverse run tie breaker)

Savanna Reetz – 3rd     (reverse run tie breaker)

Intermediate Advanced Team (Middle School) results:

1st   Cale Sievers, Holton Falck, Braxton Lytle, Collin LaFever and Savanna Reetz

3rd   Landyn Aberson, Gavin Anderson, Kimber Bartholomew, Connor Brown and Arianna Alvarado

Rookie (4th & 5th grade) results:

Landen Speers – 2nd

Riley Kestel – 3rd

Sophie Carlson – 1st

Eastyn Lytle – 2nd

Olivia Fassler – 3rd

Rookie Team results: (4th & 5th grade)

1st    Eastyn Lytle, Landen Speers, Micah Naslund, Olivia Fassler and Riley Kestel

3rd    Levi Wilkinson, Sophie Carlson, Lincoln Ames, Chance Reetz and Aliyah Holliday


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