Alta-Aurelia Trap Shooting Results

Saturday, April 8th the Alta-Aurelia Trap Team traveled to Palmer for their first dual shoot of the season with Pocahontas as the host team.

Senior (High School) results:

Brayden Aberson – 1st

Braden Schmidt – 3rd

Abby Peterson- 1st

Lucy Gunkleman- 2nd

Addy Reeves- 3rd

Intermediate (Middle School) results:

Collin LaFever- 1st

Nolan Reeves- 2nd

Moriah Stout- 2nd

Kimber Bartholomew- 3rd

Rookie (4th & 5th grade) results:

Zander Gonzales- 1st

Lena Cates-1st

Sophie Carlson- 2nd

Olivia Fassler-3rd

Next meet for the Alta-Aurelia Shooting Sports team will be Saturday, April 15th in Okoboji.

Pictured: Nolan Reeves, Addy Reeves, Lucy Gunkleman, Abby Petersen, Brayden Aberson, Collin LaFever, Zander Gonzales, Sophie Carlson, and Lena Cates.

Not Pictured: Kimber Bartholomew, Olivia Fassler, Braden Schmidt, and Moriah Stout.


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