Storm Lake St. Mary’s Announces This Year’s Fund-A-Cause Project

Storm Lake St. Mary’s is raising money to renovate their music room.

This year’s Fund-A-Cause announcement was made last Friday during the St. Mary’s Pink Out basketball games by Ball and Charity Auction Chair Tera Brown, and Co-Chair Kelli Berg.

The fundraising goal is 150-thousand dollars. All money raised will be used for upgrades and improvements to the music room including soundproofing and carpet, new windows, air conditioning, dual-purpose storage, new instruments for both band and general music, music stands and chairs, upgraded practice room for lessons, piano dollies, and new A/V equipment.

All St. Mary’s students in grades preschool through 8th grade participate in choir, and they have the opportunity to continue through high school. Individual and group band lessons begin in 5th grade, and many students remain in the program until they graduate.

Donations can be made at Contact the St. Mary’s Parish Office for more information at 712-732-3110.