Storm Lake Police Will No Longer Provide Vehicle Unlocking Service After September

Starting October 1st, Storm Lake Police Officers will no longer offer vehicle unlocking service.

According to a news release from the City of Storm Lake, the change is necessary due to staffing levels in the police department, as calls to assist with lockouts can take officers away from other public safety duties. The news release states that recent auto manufacturing makes it more difficult to defeat locks with tools available to officers without causing potential damage to vehicles.

The Storm Lake Police Department reports that they provided service in unlocking 571 vehicles in 2021…and have done 377 so far this year. There were 489 of those services provided in 2019. The number of 398 in the year 2020 was down due to COVID.

If the Storm Lake Police Department receives a vehicle lockout call, they will share a list of local business referrals that offer unlocking service. These include…

Beal’s Towing – 712 299-5038

Edwards Auto – 712 732-2474

Midwest Lock & Security – 712 299-4402

Storm Lake Towing – 712 732-6020

Wede Locksmithing – 712 299-4180

Police will continue to enter vehicles in an emergency situation, including if a child is locked inside.



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