Storm Lake City Council Miscellaneous

The Storm Lake City Council on Monday approved the second reading of an ordinance for a proposed text amendment to the Storm Lake zoning ordinance regarding dog kennels.

Brent Mangold has requested that kennels be allowed in Storm Lake’s general industrial zoning district, as he wants to install kennels at 2004 Expansion Boulevard.

The council approved the first reading in early May. The item was not part of the agenda at the council’s meeting later in May, and because of that, the developer asked if the council would be willing to waive the second reading and jump to the third and final reading to speed up the process, which the council wasn’t in favor of.

The second reading was approved by a 3-1 vote. The final reading will be on the agenda for the Storm Lake City Council meeting on June 20th.

The council also approved the third and final readings to increase water and sewer rates by five-percent starting July 1st.



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