Sheldon Man Will Spend Time in Prison for Having Sex With a 13-Year-Old

A Sheldon man has received a ten-year prison sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old.

The incident happened over a year ago near Sutherland. According to a criminal complaint filed with the O’Brien County Clerk of Court’s office, then-19-year-old Jose Alfredo Jimenez of Sheldon was charged with Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree — a class B felony.

The O’Brien County deputy who filed the complaint alleges that Jimenez knowingly had sex with the victim on a public roadway in O’Brien County. Jimenez originally faced a charge of second-degree sexual abuse, which is a class B felony. If he had been convicted of that charge, he could have faced 25 years in prison. But Jimenez agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge. The charge was amended to third-degree sexual abuse, which is a class C felony, and therefore only carries a penalty of a ten-year prison sentence.

Jimenez must also pay a fine of nearly 14-hundred dollars, comply with sex offender registry requirements, and serve a lifetime special sentence as if on parole after being released from prison. If he were to violate the terms of the sentence, he could be sent back to prison.

(thanks to Community First Broadcasting station KIWA in Sheldon)


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