BV Supervisors Support Discharge Line Concept for Soybean Crushing Plant

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors this (Tues) morning approved the concept of a water discharge line as part of the soybean crushing plant that is under construction between Storm Lake and Alta.

Platinum Crush CEO Erik Lightner said it will involve non-processed water…

The plant will be pulling water from the Jordan Aquifer. Lightner said they are confident in the plan moving forward. The site will include an outdoor basin that is exposed to rainfall…

Lightner said the discharge was originally intended to go to the Little Maple River, but it was determined it wouldn’t be accepted due to lack of water flow in that river and mineral content. He said water flow in the Racoon River won’t be impacted. The DNR has approved the preliminary version of the plan. The process for engineering and various permits is still ongoing. The eight-inch line will run 19 miles through county right-of-way.

Supervisor Kathy Croker expressed concern about nitrates or anything else problematic possibly being part of the mineral discharge, but Platinum Crush Board member Nick Bowdish said that won’t be the case.

The final permit approval for the discharge line is expected to be on the Supervisor’s agenda in the coming weeks. Lightner said the BV County soybean crushing plant remains on schedule, and is expected to begin operation in May of 2024.