Axne says voting rights bill ‘key priority’ on anniversary of U.S. Capitol riot

January 06, 2022 4:00am

Deere unveils tractor that runs without farmer in the cab

January 05, 2022 2:20pm

Republican Hanusa launches bid for state auditor

January 05, 2022 1:48pm

COVID death toll in Iowa surpasses 8,000

January 05, 2022 1:20pm

Axne meets with Iowa mayors to discuss new infrastructure funding

January 05, 2022 1:01pm

Doctors: only use emergency rooms in real emergency

January 05, 2022 12:35pm

Fort Dodge animal shelter loses furnace

January 05, 2022 12:18pm

Plymouth County Supervisors against eminent domain for CO2 pipelines

January 05, 2022 9:41am

Bill to be introduced in Iowa House would ban employer vaccine mandates

January 05, 2022 9:09am

Democrat Ras Smith suspends campaign for Iowa governor

January 05, 2022 8:13am

Governor, key senator say parents need options if they object to certain school books

January 05, 2022 4:38am

World War Two veteran finally gets Auburn High School diploma

January 05, 2022 4:31am

Iowa man enters guilty plea for role in January 6 U.S. Capitol riot

January 04, 2022 5:50pm

Governor says wait on new Iowa Covid-19 vaccination policy until court rules

January 04, 2022 2:04pm

Tornadoes, drought were key elements of 2021’s weather picture

January 04, 2022 1:52pm