Secretary of State to outline cost for correcting errors on voter rolls

November 07, 2019 8:24am

It’s Winter Weather Awareness Day

November 07, 2019 4:40am

Voyager 2 leaves solar system & still ‘phones home’ to Iowa

November 07, 2019 4:30am

Appeals Court upholds firing of Ottumwa policeman

November 06, 2019 4:56pm

Better Business Bureau has tips for dealing with furnace repairs

November 06, 2019 4:55pm

Quinnipiac Poll finds Iowa Caucuses ‘up for grabs’

November 06, 2019 2:39pm

ISU economist finds continued decline in farm equity

November 06, 2019 1:59pm

Briar Cliff student accused of using fake checks to pay for sex

November 06, 2019 1:05pm

New programs allows you to get a UNI degree at DMACC in Des Moines

November 06, 2019 12:28pm

UNI opens with win over Old Dominion

November 06, 2019 10:51am

Federal grants to 9 Iowa communities for water, sewer projects

November 06, 2019 10:16am

Some Iowa municipal elections undecided, run-offs in Dec.

November 06, 2019 9:44am

Some Iowa municipal elections undecided, run-offs in December

November 06, 2019 9:44am

Independence man given jail time for abusing dog

November 06, 2019 8:59am

Leaving leaves alone creates habitat for some pollinators

November 06, 2019 8:56am