Storm Lake Residents Urged to Help Keep Storm Sewers Clear

(NOTE…as of 5pm today (Fri) Storm Lake has received nearly five inches of rain since Thursday, according to measurements taken outside the radio stations)

Storm Lake residents are urged to do their part to help keep storm sewers clear.

According to a City of Storm Lake news release, local crews had to jet some of the sewers due to heavy rain yesterday (Thur) and today (Fri). Trash that’s discarded in the streets ends up in storm sewers, and then often ends up in the lake. Even small amounts of litter can build up and block the sewer system so storm water can’t escape through the system as it should. This can lead to water backing up into the streets, which makes travel hazardous, and can possibly cause flooding of yards, homes, or businesses.

Storm Lake residents are urged not to throw litter into the street, parking areas, sidewalks, and parking lots. Anyone who sees items in the streets that could potentially block sewer intakes is asked to pick them up and properly dispose of them. Items including paint and motor oil should never be poured into storm sewer intakes.

Storm Lake residents are urged to avoid raking leaves or blowing grass clippings from their yards into streets or gutters, as it can build up and block stormwater drainage. As autumn leaves accumulate, the City of Storm Lake will be running two sweepers daily to help keep gutters clear.