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BVU President Highlights Enrollment Growth as Part of Breakfast Briefing Event

January 25, 2023 9:56am

A breakfast briefing was held for Buena Vista University alumni and supporters this (Wed) morning in the Siebens Forum.

BVU President Brian Lenzmeier said BVU continues to be in a good financial position, and said they've had a significant increase in graduate program enrollment...(audio clip below  :39 )

Lenzmeier highlighted new student enrollment...(audio clip below  :34 )

Lenzmeier said overall enrollment is up over the last two years, and Lenzmeier said that's due in part to student retention...(audio clip below  :44 )

The entire first floor of BVU's library is now being used for tutoring. Lenzmeier also credits enhanced co-curricular programs such as e-sports, archery, clay target sports, and choir as reasons for enrollment growth.