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St. Mary's Food Packing Event Resumes After Two-Year Absence

April 27, 2022 9:10am

Over 75-thousand meals were packed in less than six hours Tuesday at the Storm Lake St. Mary's “Then Feed Just One” food packing event.

St. Mary's students, families, and staff members were joined by community members, parishioners, and businesses that participated in the event. The meals that were packed will be donated to the people of Honduras.

This was the first time the food packing event had been held since 2019, as it was canceled the last two years due to the pandemic.

St. Mary's started their annual food packing event in 2010. The school has now packaged 773,496 meals during the eleven-year history of holding this event. 

Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science, Central Bank, Farm Credit Services of America, United Community Health, Murray and Murray Law, the Knights of Columbus, the Josh and Kelli Berg Turkey Farm, and the many individuals from the school and community for their donations and/or for coming to help work during the event. A group of students from East Sac School joined us for the first time this year as well. Without the generosity of local businesses and individuals, the event would not have been as successful. Over $13,000 was raised to purchase the food that was packaged during the event.

Ryan Berg, 6-12 Principal, had this to say about the event, “This is one of the most special events of our school year. Students from grades K-12 all have the opportunity to work a shift, and many of them bring in their own hard-earned money to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Having community members working right alongside our students makes it even more special. It shows how much can be accomplished when people unite for a good cause.” If you or your business would like to get involved for next year’s event, please contact Ryan Berg at the school office at 732-4166.