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Storm Lake School Board Talks Graduation/Charter School

April 21, 2022 9:35am

The Storm Lake School Board on Wednesday received and approved the recommended list of 2022 graduates for the district.

All of the students on the list still need to meet graduation requirements to get their diploma. The graduation ceremony for Storm Lake's class of 2022 will be on May 22nd at 2pm at Buena Vista University.

The Storm Lake School District's four-year graduation rate for 2021 was just over 50-percent. The four-year rate doesn't include students who enroll in Storm Lake's Charter School, which gives students that chance to take a 5th year of high school to gain skills and knowledge needed to fill a variety of in-demand jobs after graduation. Storm Lake's FIVE-year graduation rate for 2021 was 87.5-percent. Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole said even though the district, like many others, have faced challenges with students since the pandemic, the five-year graduation rate is still lower than they would like it to be.

School Board President Dave Skibsted acknowledged that the reason for the district's low four-year graduation rate has been difficult for them to get some residents to understand, but said the district is doing just fine.

Skibsted pointed out that the local Charter School is available for all students, not just those in need or are struggling with grades. The 48 credits graduation requirement must be reached in order to attend the Charter School.