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Catch-Photo-Release Walleye Tournament Starting in May

April 21, 2022 1:22pm

A new fishing tournament will soon be launched across Iowa that's designed to encourage anglers to go out and catch walleye, while also helping Iowa DNR fisheries biologists get a better sense of the walleye fishery across the state.

The Iowa Walleye Challenge begins on May 1st and goes until June 30th. It's a Catch-Photo-Release event that uses a mobile app called “MyCatch” to record the length of a fish. Anglers take a picture of the fish on a measuring device using the app, and once the fish is reviewed by the catch team and meets the rules, it automatically appears on a live leaderboard.

The tournament is designed to help Iowa DNR biologists track angler interest, effort, and success on walleye fisheries across the state. The tournament will help the DNR fill some gaps in walleye population data across Iowa, and help evaluate the importance of individual fisheries statewide. Anglers will have a chance to win weekly prizes.

There is a 25-dollar fee to enter the tournament. Anglers can sign up for the event by clicking here.