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Clay County Fair 2021 Local Economy Spending and More

January 25, 2022 10:12am

The Clay County Fair Association created a significant impact on the local economy, educated thousands of youth, and provided a boost to other non-profit organizations in 2021.

The Fair Association directly spent nearly two-million dollars with Clay County businesses and residents last year.

The Clay County Fair and Events Center employed 13 full-time, 54 part-time/seasonal, and 381 Fair-time employees.

At the 2021 Fair, 13 local non-profit organizations raised close to 546-thousand dollars through their food and beverage concessions, bingo, and shuttles to support their local philanthropic activities.

The Fair Association supported 31 non-profit groups and charities by providing over 64-hundred dollars worth of merchandise, concert/event tickets, and admission tickets for their fundraiser events, or by serving as a sponsor and/or host.

Over 311-thousand people visited the Fair and Events Center in 2021, having attended either the Fair or one of the other 265 events hosted throughout the year. Non-Fair event attendance was more than 34-thousand.

The 2022 Clay County Fair will be held September 10th through the 18th.