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Storm Lake City Council Approves New Voting Precinct Boundaries

January 11, 2022 1:58pm

The Storm Lake City Council in a special meeting this (Tues) afternoon approved the third and final reading of an ordinance that specifies the city's new voting precinct boundaries.

The council approved the first reading at their regularly scheduled meeting last week. At the special meeting, the council first approved waiving the 2nd reading of the ordinance to jump into the final reading.

Based on the current population, there are no major changes to the four Storm Lake precincts, none of which are allowed to have more than 35-hundred people. The total number in the precincts is 11,269. Precinct 4 has the highest number of people at 3,239.

The City of Storm Lake no longer needs to include unincorporated areas in the first two precincts due to past annexations. The BV County Courthouse is now in Precinct 4 due to a request from the county.

Click here to view the precincts map.