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COVID Hospitalizations in Iowa Still Going Up ; Cases Up in BV County

December 15, 2021 1:12pm

The Covid patient count in Iowa hospitals continues to rise.

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, there were 823 patients with Covid in Iowa hospitals by the middle of this week, a six-percent increase from last Wednesday. More than 100 of those patients are on ventilators, and nearly 83-percent of Covid patients in intensive care units in Iowa have not been vaccinated against the virus.

According to updates today (Wed) on the state's coronavirus website, there have been 36 positive COVID tests in Buena Vista County during the last seven days, for a positivity rate of nine-percent. Positive COVID tests in BV County have nearly tripled in the last two weeks.

The death toll from Covid in Iowa is approaching 77-hundred.

According to the CDC, over 58-percent of Iowans are fully vaccinated against COVID, two-percent higher than two weeks ago. More than 63-percent of BV County residents are fully vaccinated, which is one-percent higher than at the beginning of December.