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Clay County Receives Several IAFE Awards

November 23, 2021 7:45am

The Clay County Fair won nine awards during the International Association of Fairs and Expositions 2021 Virtual Awards Show last week.

The IAFE awards program allows member fairs the chance to enter competitions based on competitive exhibits, agriculture, sponsorship, non-fair events, and communications. Following submission, entries are judged based upon predetermination criteria set forth by IAFE committees. Judges include industry professionals both within and outside of the IAFE membership.

“These awards are all due to the hard work of our Board of Directors, staff, sponsors and partners, and volunteers,” said Clay County Fair and Events Center CEO Jeremy Parsons. “It is an honor to receive this recognition from our peers in the fair industry.”

Member fairs are split into five divisions based on attendance for the awards program. The Clay County Fair competes in Division 3, which is limited to fairs across the globe with an attendance of between 250-thousand and 500-thousand.

The International Association of Fairs and Expositions, based in Springfield, Missouri, is a voluntary nonprofit corporation that serves state, provincial, regional, and county agricultural fairs, show, exhibitions, and expositions.

Awards won by the Clay County Fair included...

Agriculture Individual Photo: Equine, Second Place (photo by Judy Hemphill)

Agriculture Individual Photo: Rodeo, Second Place (photo by Jim Steffens)

Video Promo, Third Place (:30 second TV commercial developed by Caliber Creative)

Double-sided, Multi-page, or Folded Promotional Ad, First Place (Fair poster/brochure developed by Caliber Creative)

Overall Best Marketing Campaign, Third Place (developed by Caliber Creative)

Unique event created to utilize the facility during the pandemic, First Place (Spencer YMCA Ice Cream Spooktacular)

Item to Promote Facility: Newsprint Ad, Second Place (created in-house)

Item to Promote Facility: Single Brochure or Flyer, First Place (non-Fair event rental brochure created in-house)

Printed Material Specific to Rental, First Place (wedding brochure created in-house)