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Student Senate President aims to serve others at BVU and within Storm Lake community

November 22, 2021 3:50pm

On a recent Tuesday afternoon, Buena Vista University senior Erica Boeset headed from class to Storm Lake High School to meet with freshman Alexa Venegas to talk about what’s happening in high school, college, their lives, and more. It’s something Boeset has done each year as a BVU Beaver, part of the popular BV Buddies mentoring program.

The following evening, Boeset joined her sister, Storm Lake Elementary School teacher Brittany Boeset, a 2020 BVU graduate, in staffing Youth Group at Storm Lake United Methodist Church. The pair led a small group discussion among teens following a short Bible lesson.

Later that week, the Boesets joined forces in giving a lay perspective during Sunday church services at Storm Lake United Methodist Church.

Sound busy? Keep in mind that Erica Boeset, an accounting and business major, also serves her campus community as Student Senate President, elected by popular vote among students at the end of her junior year.

“Much of what we’re doing now in Student Senate involves connecting with students and showing how we, as senators, are meant to be a voice for them,” she says. “I never saw myself being in this role, but it’s very rewarding to work and have an impact on campus.”

Her reach stretches beyond BVU. Boeset’s work with BV Buddies and at Storm Lake UMC is a key part of the “Education for Service” mission Beavers strive to live out.

“I helped lead a church youth grew where I grew up (Dows) and enjoyed it,” Boeset says. “When I went to church as a freshman at BVU, the people at Storm Lake UMC were so welcoming. I felt a part of that community immediately.”

Soon, she and her sister were assisting church members when the basement of the church sustained water damage. They now enjoy conversations with high schoolers as meals are served each Wednesday evening at Storm Lake UMC.

“I’m also a part of Impact, which is our campus ministries organization,” she says. “We assist with chapel, we volunteer with Jane’s Closet, we helped paint a church in Storm Lake.”

From the moment she stepped on campus, Erica says, BVU felt like a perfect fit. She finds it motivating and rewarding to seek ways in which to give back.

“I felt like I belonged at BVU,” she says. “I wasn’t a number. I’d heard great things about the Siebens School of Business and the campus. I had no idea I’d someday be looked at as a leader and presiding over Student Senate.”

Boeset said the position aligns with her values, her penchant for helping others.

“I’m simply here to be a student for other students,” she says.

And, for other members of this community.