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Iowa COVID Hospitalizations and Cases Up ; BV Vaccine Clinics for Kids Coming Up

November 18, 2021 5:32am

The number of Covid patients in Iowa hospitals has increased for the second straight week.

The Iowa Department of Public Health's weekly report shows the Covid patient count in Iowa hospitals is 544, and more than a fifth of those patients are in intensive care. 76-percent of COVID patients in Iowa hospitals are not fully vaccinated.

In the past 24 hours, 99 Covid-positive patients were admitted to an Iowa hospital.

The total number of confirmed Covid cases is on the rise in Iowa, as is the case nationally, with more than nine-thousand Iowans testing positive this past week. Children under the age of 18 account for more than 20-percent of the week's positive Covid test results.

Buena Vista County still has the highest number of positive tests per capita in the state, with over 58-hundred total. There have been 14 positive COVID tests in BV County over the last seven days, with the positivity rate at four-percent.

The Department of Public Health's website shows 72-hundred-68 Iowans have died of Covid since March of 2020, and that includes 47 from Buena Vista County.

62-percent of eligible Buena Vista County residents are fully vaccinated. That's the second highest percentage in Iowa next to Johnson County, according to the CDC. Statewide, 56-percent are fully vaccinated.

Both COVID and flu vaccines are being given on Fridays at Buena Vista County Public Health. Call 749-2548 to schedule an appointment.

BV Public Health Administrator Julie Sather says approximately 50 kids ages five to 11 have either been given COVID vaccine, or are scheduled for this week. Sather said they will administer vaccine to kids during the Christmas break December 27th through the 30th from 8:30 to 4:30 each of those days. An evening clinic will be added during one of those days as well, but Sather says they aren't sure which day that will be at this point.