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Storm Lake Assistant Police Chief Reminds Residents to be Mindful of Scammers

October 11, 2021 10:35am

The Storm Lake Police Department continues to remind residents to beware of scammers.

During this year, Storm Lake residents have fallen victim to numerous scams that can be financially devastating. Storm Lake Assistant Police Chief Patrick Diekman says one phone scam that has especially popped up recently involves scammers posing as either law enforcement or a court official and demanding money...(audio clip below  :28 )

If anyone receives such a phone call, Diekman says simply hang up and call the actual law enforcement agency to inquire about the call.

Diekman says scammers typically try to get money through ways that will be difficult to trace...(audio clip below  :12 )

Other commonly used scams include IRS, utility, sweepstakes/lottery, grandparent, social security/medicare, inheritance, charity, and also ones pertaining to debt collection.

Anyone who believes they may be a scam victim is encouraged to contact their local police department. The Storm Lake Police Department can be reached at 732-8010, or 749-2525.