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BV Supervisors Give Drainage Engineer the Go-Ahead to Contact Some Landowners Regarding Proposed Wetlands Project

August 31, 2021 12:56pm

The Buena Vista County Supervisors on Tuesday approved a request for the drainage department to contact some landowners to gauge their interest in being part of a proposed wetlands project to reduce nitrates.

BV Drainage Engineer Brian Bloome said the Iowa Department of Land Stewardship and Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council have identified 19 potential sites in the county for installing tile zone wetlands. 15 of the sites have already been determined as being feasible.

Bloome said the landowners will most likely be asked to attend a two hour open-session meeting, to inform them what a tile zone wetland consists of, and what would be asked of them. Construction would be fully covered by IDALS. Bloome said he wasn't entirely sure if the engineering cost would be covered, but did say the engineering would be covered if it was done by the landowner.

According to Bloome, tile zone wetlands are less costly than CREP wetlands. He said the process includes bringing a portion of water out of the tile system, treat and reduce the nutrients, and then put the water back in the tile system.

Bloome said a big question is whether or not the wetlands would become district facilities that would become the county's responsibility to maintain.