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Department of Public Health Encouraging Iowans to Participate in Health Assessment Survey

June 09, 2021 1:19pm

The Iowa Department of Public Health is asking for public input for “Healthy Iowans 2022-2026 : A State Health Assessment of Iowa.”

An online survey is being offered, where Iowans will be able to select up to three areas that they believe are most important to the health and well-being of Iowans and communities statewide. The process will highlight both opportunities for growth, and challenges as public health is assessed in Iowa as the transition is made to pandemic recovery.

Buena Vista County Public Health Administrator Julie Sather hopes many county residents will complete the assessment to guide the State in places that they feel need focus and attention. Sather says this will help locally as well as at the state level.

From 2022 through 2026, the Department of Public Health will work to address key priorities identified in the survey to advance the health of Iowans so they can live longer, healthier, more productive lives, and enjoy the rich quality of life Iowa has to offer.

The Iowa Health Assessment survey is open until June 30th. The survey can be accessed by clicking here.