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City Council Approves Dredge Site Study Contract/Additional Cabin Construction Services Agreement

June 09, 2021 8:31am

The Storm Lake City Council this week approved an agreement with Bolton and Menk for professional services to complete a dredge site feasibility study.

At the May 17th meeting, the Council approved authorizing city staff to negotiate a contract with Bolton and Menk. The study will determine the best use for the dredge site, and evaluate its suitability for a significant multipurpose complex with playing fields, parks, trails, restrooms, and other similar amenities.


The Council this week also approved the selection of Bolton and Menk for construction of additional cabins in the Sunrise Campground.

The City received responses from three engineering firms, which were reviewed by a six-member team.

City staff will negotiate an agreement with Bolton and Menk for approval at a future City Council meeting.