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BVU joins Storm Lake Community School District in Strategic Partnership

May 13, 2021 3:05pm

As partners for more than a century, Buena Vista University (BVU) and the Storm Lake Community School District (SLCSD) continue to build upon their ties by entering into a Strategic Partnership that expands educational benefits for employees of the district and their eligible family members.

Under the Strategic Partnership initiative, SLCSD employees, spouses/domestic partners and their dependents may receive grant funding to lower the overall cost of education while enrolled in classes at BVU in Storm Lake. Partner grant funding also reduces the cost per credit hour for students enrolled in BVU’s convenient online/hybrid undergraduate programs or BVU’s online organizational leadership graduate program.

BVU professors and staff members will be made available for training programs, workshops, and more should those within the local school district seek those services and expertise.

“We are excited to increase our benefits package for employees and their families through the Strategic Partnership with Buena Vista University,” says Storm Lake Community School District Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole, a BVU graduate. “Since its founding, BVU and the school district have served and strengthened this wonderful community through education and service. Providing greater access to a BVU education will empower our staff members and their families as they advance their careers and make this region all that much stronger in so many ways.”

The Storm Lake Community School District, which employs approximately 400 people, many of them BVU graduates, has been closely affiliated with BVU for decades, a relationship dating back to the 19th Century. Thousands of BVU students have served the local school district, whether as part-time staff members, through class projects and research, or via volunteer service in the classroom. At least seven members of the SLCSD administrative team and dozens of current teachers serving the district are BVU graduates.

“We love having BVU students in our classrooms, knowing that many of them will one day serve our district as teachers, administrators, or staff members, sharing their positive impact each day on another generation of learners,” Cole continues. “Allowing our current employees and their families greater access to a BVU education represents a win-win situation for our district, for the children in our schools, for BVU, and for Storm Lake and communities across Iowa and beyond.”

“This is a great development for BVU and for the employees and families of the Storm Lake Community School District,” says Katie Smith, BVU Director of Strategic Partnerships. “To see staff members and their families receive a savings while continuing their education is rewarding. To see it happen within Storm Lake and a longtime key partner like the Storm Lake Community School District is affirming for how a BVU education helps people and their communities strive to improve themselves and one another.”

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