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Expanded Bike Trail Planned Within Storm Lake City Limits

April 16, 2021 9:14am

The City of Storm Lake is planning on expanding the bike trail within City limits.

Mayor Mike Porsch made that announcement at Thursday's Advisory Committee Meeting for Parks, Trails, and Urban Forest.

City Manager Keri Navratil said the City now owns an empty slot of land that belongs to the railroad in the Geisinger Road area. The City acquired the land to eventually put in a bike trail. The City plans to expand the entire railroad right-of-way from Geisinger to go north and south, including to Lakeshore Drive. Mayor Porsch said after that step, the thought is to then jump up to Milwaukee Avenue, go west toward the high school, and then north up to C-49. Cement will be poured, and the project will be done over the next five years.

Mayor Porsch pointed out that the City Council has been setting aside money the last few years to go toward the project.

The committee said they should continue to figure out how to get the trail to run around the entire lake. Porsch said dealing with private landowners continues to be the biggest issue.

Porsch suggested the next step should be getting the county-wide group together, as well as residents on the south side of the lake, to determine whether they can move forward with that part of a bike trail.


Mayor Porsch said the City is looking at possibly installing a path of some sort in the dredge spoil site area east of Sunrise Pointe Golf Course, whether it be a mountain bike path, hiking path, or walking path. A trail already exists in that area.

Navratil said the DNR requires a recreation management plan before the City can move forward with a project. She said it will be a few years before anything happens there.


The Parks, Trails, and Urban Forest meeting on Thursday was the first in over a year due to the pandemic.