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BV County Supervisors Consider Adding Destination Lighting at M-44 and Highway 3 Intersection

April 14, 2021 9:01am

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday discussed adding destination lighting at the intersection of M-44 and Highway 3.

County Engineer Bret Wilkinson said there is an existing pole in the southwest corner of the intersection that currently doesn't have a light. Wilkinson said a one-thousand dollar quote was received from Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative to install an LED light on that pole. A second LED light in the northeast corner of the intersection, which would include installation of a pole with wiring, would cost around four-thousand dollars.

Wilkinson recommends putting in the one LED light in the southwest corner...(audio clip below)

Wilkinson said installing the light would not require a budget amendment.

Supervisor Paul Merten said he isn't opposed to putting in a light at M-44 and Highway 3, but questioned if residents in the nearby acreages would complain about the shining in their windows.

Wilkinson plans to ask ILEC about the yearly cost per light, and the matter will be revisited at next week's meeting. He said each light provided by ILEC is currently costing 450-dollars annually.

Wilkinson acknowledged that if they ask citizens, they would come up with at least ten more intersections that they would like to be lit.

The Supervisors received a citizen request last week to look into lighting at M-44 and Highway 3, as well as the Highway 71 and Business 71 intersection. Wilkinson confirmed there is a light at Highway 71 and Business 71, which is burned out and will be fixed.