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Sewer Cleaning Maintenance to be Done in Section of Storm Lake

April 06, 2021 8:21pm

Beginning tomorrow (Wed) through Thursday afternoon, the City of Storm Lake has contracted with Rehab Systems to perform sewer cleaning maintenance on sanitary sewers in a section of Storm Lake.

The sewer cleaning will be done from Lakeshore Drive up to 3rd Street between Lake Avenue and Highway Street.

During cleaning of sanitary sewer lines, air occasionally vents into a home through the sanitary sewer service line and ventilation system. When this occurs, water in the toilet bowl can bubble or surge or, in rare instances, splash out of the bowl.

During the scheduled cleaning period, residents may want to keep the toilet bowl lids down to minimize water splashing. In addition, residents may notice a slight odor of sewer gas in the home. This is a result of the water being pulled from the traps in the home, and can be remedied by running water in all sinks and flushing all toilets.