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City Council Talks Incentives and Fees For Single-Family Dwelling Permits

April 06, 2021 1:21pm

The Storm Lake City Council on Monday discussed ideas on fees and incentives they would like to see for single-family owner-occupied properties.

The one-dollar single family owner occupied building permit fee building incentive has expired. City Manager Keri Navratil said it was discovered the water meters were part of that fee in Storm Lake.

City staff is recommending a 300-dollar fee for homes that have construction costs under 199-thousand 999 dollars...a 600-dollar fee for homes that have construction costs for 200-thousand dollars and above...and also a 25-percent re-inspection fee.

City staff is also recommending that the building permit be rebated, except for the water meter, if 50-percent of the cost of construction materials were purchased locally. Itemized proof of receipts would be required. Council member Jose Ibarra felt 50-percent was a good number, saying they have to make people really consider making local hires.

A discussion ensued regarding how “locally” would be defined. Council member Kevin McKinney initially felt “local” should include BV County, considering the number of plumbers in the county, and especially if sub-contractors are included. Council member Tyson Rice disagreed...(audio clip below)

Council member Ibarra was also in favor of keeping it Storm Lake Proper. Council member McKinney then said a contractor may have multiple locations, but as long as they have a shop set up within City limits is the biggest thing.

Council member Rice requested that construction materials be clearly defined.

A formal resolution will be presented at the next Council meeting on April 19th.