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Storm Lake United Shamrock Decoration Contest Winners

March 25, 2021 12:51pm

Storm Lake United announces the winners of their LUCKY YOU! shamrock decorating contest. 

They received over 70 entries from local children under the age of twelve that had the choice to decorate a cookie or design one on paper. The winner of best shamrock cookie and best shamrock design on paper received a brand-new bicycle.  Winners in each of the other listed categories took home a new toy or game. 

To view the entries, visit Storm Lake United’s Facebook page.  Winners include...


Shamrock Cookies:

Yosias Tsegay – Best Shamrock Cookie

Kareena Singh – Most Unique

Lilyann Flores Zavala – Most Colorful

Irene Safia Hernandez – Luckiest

Belen Orellana – Most Creative


Shamrock Papers:

Ruby Rodriguez – Best Shamrock Paper

Emily Castro – Luckiest

London Ingold – Most Unique

Henberto Rodriguez Cejas – Most Colorful

Ya Yua Khag – Most Creative

Diya Patel – Funniest

Cammie Campbell – Honorable Mention

Alexandra Calderon – Honorable Mention

Coral Contreras Negrete – Honorable Mention


(Pictured above: Lee Dutfield, Storm Lake Executive Director with London Ingold, winner of the Most Unique Shamrock Design)