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Truck Becomes Fully Engulfed in Flames in Gingerbread House Parking Lot

March 04, 2021 8:32am

No injuries occurred from a truck that ended up on fire in the Gingerbread House parking lot at 525 Oates Street in Storm Lake, which damaged other vehicles as well.

The Storm Lake Fire Department responded to the incident shortly before 3pm on Wednesday. Upon arrival, fire fighters observed a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck fully engulfed in flames. The fire was extinguished without incident. The pickup truck is considered a total loss. It is owned by Brandy Hadley of Newell. The exact cause of the fire is undetermined, but is believed to have started in the engine compartment of the pickup truck.

Two other vehicles that were parked in close proximity received varying amounts of damage as well. A 2019 Toyota Highlander, owned by David and Julie Schmitz of Alta, received approximately four-thousand dollars in radiant heat and smoke damage to the exterior driver's side of the vehicle. A 2013 Chevrolet Equinox, owned by Juana Ramos-Flores of Storm Lake, received heavy fire damage, and is believed to be a total loss.

Fire fighters were on the scene for approximately 30 minutes.