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Storm Lake City Manager Talks Marina ; Another DNR Meeting Happening Soon to Sort Out Contract Language

February 22, 2021 6:20am

Storm Lake City Manager Keri Navratil last Friday said the City anticipated meeting again with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in the next week or so to clarify some uncertainty regarding marina operation for the upcoming season.

Navratil said the City plans on handling essential marina operations this year...(audio clip below  :23 )

Due to some of the contract language needing to be clarified, the Storm Lake City Council last week voted to terminate marina operator contract negotiations with Tom Fitzpatrick and Andy Goettsch.

No one else has expressed interest in running the marina. Once the contract language is sorted out, Navratil isn't sure if negotiations would start up again with Fitzpatrick and Goettsch...(audio clip below  :36  )

Navratil said being accountable to taxpayers is a fiduciary responsibility that mayor, city council, and city staff take very seriously...(audio clip below  :28  )

The City of Storm Lake's marina operator contract also requires DNR approval.