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Storm Lake Snow Removal Operations For Recent Blizzard

January 19, 2021 9:21am

The City of Storm Lake reports that the total estimated cost for the snow removal operations for the snow event from last Thursday through this Monday were over 51-thousand dollars.

The operation included 350 labor hours...310 equipment hours...280 tons of salt/sand mix...and nearly 29-hundred gallons of diesel fuel. Emergency routes were plowed early, and the City’s Snow Removal Plan was followed until the operations were completed.

A Snow Emergency was declared for five days during that recent snow event. Snow emergencies are declared for the number of days it is likely to take to remove expected snow based on the forecasted storm.

The City would like to remind residents to be cautious when driving around snow removal operations. Residents are also asked to be courteous to neighbors and shovel sidewalks as soon as possible.